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Why We Are Deploying 30,000 Personnel For Ekiti Election – Police

by Happynaija
Why We Are Deploying 30,000 Personnel For Ekiti Election – Police - Happynaija.com

The Nigeria Police Force has explained why 30,000 police personnel will be in Ekiti State for the Saturday, July 14 governorship elections.

The Force Spokesperson, Jimoh Moshood, who was a guest on Channels Television Breakfast programme, Sunrise Daily said Ekiti State is a ‘flashpoint’ and deploying 30,000 officers for the election is not an over-deployment but an adequate figure to ensure security.

“Ekiti is a flashpoint when it comes to politicking, you can remember what happened in the second republic, we don’t want a repeat of that.

When the election is free and fair and election result is being announced, you still see people that want to disrupt the peace of other Nigerians.

There is no over deployment in 30,000 police personnel, it is an adequate figure to ensure that everybody that has one business or the other that is authorised to play there role during the elections.

Moshood, who is also a deputy commissioner of police explained further that the number of personnel deployed is not peculiar to Ekiti State only as same was done during Edo and Anambra elections.

He noted that the action was also prompted by ‘inciting’ statements by political leaders in Ekiti State.

It is not only peculiar to Ekiti, in Edo, we deployed 25,000 police personnel. In Ondo, we deployed 26,000 and in Anambra, the same 26,000.


We have carried out a threat analysis assessment

throughout Ekiti State and we have confidence in

our personnel to deliver appropriately.


The utterance of stakeholders and leaders in Ekiti and other

areas have been inciting and instigating.


We want people to have the confidence that the police is

capable of securing them, and for them to be free to come out and vote.

We want the will of the people to carry the day.


He added that security measures include not only the deployment

of 30,000 officers but also, the Commissioner of Police in states

such as Kogi, Kwara, Osun, Ondo and Oyo have been put on red

alert and directed by the IGP to deploy massively and ensure

that there is no influence and influx of hoodlums and miscreants

infiltrating from their states into Ekiti to disrupt the poll.

The Inspector General of Police Ibrahim Idris on Sunday announced

that 30,000 police personnel will be deployed to

Ekiti State ahead of the governorship election.


Those deployed include personnel of the Police Mobile Force (PMF) Unit,

Counter Terrorism Unit (CTU), Special Protection Unit (SPU),

Anti-Bomb Squad (EOD), Conventional Policemen, Armament Unit,

FCIID, and the sniffer dogs section.


Four policemen and two security operatives from other agencies

would be on duty at each polling unit throughout the state while

the PMF to be headed by a very senior officer would provide security

at the RAC, Super RAC and collation centres.


Two Patrol Surveillance Helicopters, five additional

Armoured Personnel Carriers, 10 Armoured Personnel

Vehicles and 250 Police patrol vehicles are also deployed

throughout the state, including difficult terrains.

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