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Why men cheat …

by Happynaija

Men and cheating. Some will say these two words are inseparable and for a relationship to exist, one or both sides have to be in place. Some argue that men can’t seem to stop cheating in relationships. According to religious backgrounds
such as Christianity, history has it that even the greatest and wisest of them are vulnerable to the unending desire of the flesh. Among the greats such as King David and his son, Solomon, had this flaw as Solomon had over a hundred lovers both known and unknown. Also, the Greek god, Zeus who was seen as the Zenith of excellence and most powerful god in ancient Greece cheated excessively on his wife with both humans and gods.
This prompts people to asking this unending question, ‘Why do men cheat?’ The Next Generation Entertainment (TNGE) has carried out a survey on Nigerian universities to find out if it’s indeed possible to restrict the masculine gender from cheating. In recent survey, the study revealed many reasons why the cheaters in a relationship ends with the party that wears the trousers. We at TNGE noted some of the most interesting and plausible reasons men engage in cheating and how it could be prevented. These are:
Many would say the man in a situation such as a long distance relationship might feel the urge to attain sexual or emotional satisfaction and this would result into him cheating.
Some  guys went on the defence and said guys are not the only ones that cheat, it is not a mistake  and went further to say there is a reason to cheat. Every man is different and warned ladies not to generalise men.
Some say men are just wicked that after giving them all they want they still cheat.
Few lafies said ladies should try and understand their man if he lacks something you should give him.
The guys say pampering isnt for only women,women should pamper their man and treat him like an egg.
Others say:
Stay faithful to your man
Give him all your attention
If he cheats talk about it with him
Pray for him

Another group of people say if he loves you he won’t cheat.
Some girls bluntly say you can’t stop a man from cheating.

The coexistence of men and women in healthy relationships is important for the grooming a balanced society. Youth and teenagers in this cycle of society that have either been cheated on or cheated should learn that cheating in any form at all is a wrong act.What’s broken can always be fixed not thrown away.

I’d like to conclude the by saying that the entire human race was made with several imperfections. Boys,Girls,Men and Women of different ages and backgrounds are capable of making mistakes but still men and their partners can work towards correcting these flaws through several processes and working on our weaknesses can help us to fulfil the essence of dating in the modern society in which are today.

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