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Why Dasuki, EL-Zakzaky, Sowore Remain In Detention – DSS

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Why Dasuki, EL-Zakzaky, Sowore Remain In Detention – DSS - Happynaija.com

Why Dasuki, EL-Zakzaky, Sowore Remain In Detention – DSS

The Department of State Services, DSS, has reacted to public outcry by

Nigerians about the detention of El-Zakkaky, Dasuki and sowore,

who are undergoing trials at the courts.

DSS has been accused of declining the court orders on the trio.

In a statement on Friday, DSS spokesman, Peter Afunanya, explained the circumstances that warranted the custody of Col. Sambo Dasuki (rtd.), Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky and Omoyele Sowore in its facility.

He wrote: “For the avoidance of doubt, the duo had appealed to the Courts to be left in the custody of the Service instead of being taken to the Correctional Centres.

“Well meaning Nigerians are equally witnesses to the case of Omoleye Sowore,

who, on a similar order of the Court, was to be remanded at the Kuje or

Suleja Centre, but preferred to be kept at the DSS.

“Everyone, also, saw what eventually played out with El-Zakzaky, when he opted to be returned to the custody of the Service even as the Court had granted him leave to seek medical care in India. These were choices these personalities made on their own volition.

“Since their stay, the Service has continued to extend the best courtesies to them. They are allowed access to people and use of other facilities like telephones, gymnasium, TV, newspapers and medical facilities.

Reason Why Dasuki, EL-Zakzaky, Sowore Remain In Detention – DSS

“Among others, their families and trusted persons bring them food of their choices on a daily basis. There could not have been better treatments than these.

“Against the wrong perception that the Service held these persons in defiance to Court Orders, it is obvious, by the above explanations, that they rather choose to be looked after by the DSS. The reason for such choice is not far fetched. It is simply because the Service’s holding facilities are good and within acceptable international standards.

“It is not in the character of the DSS to join issues with persons or groups. Yet, silence should not be golden at a time like this. For its compliance to democratic norms, the Service owes the Nigerian public a duty to explain some of its activities. This is more so that these are oftentimes grossly misunderstood or misrepresented.

“Once again, the Service restates its commitment to a strong partnership with the media and other stakeholders including opinion leaders. It is not averse to criticisms and therefore welcomes constructive engagement from all and sundry.

“It will continue to conduct its operations within the bounds of the

law and importantly be guided by that time tested axiom of

Usman Dan Fodio that conscience is an open wound and only

the truth can heal it.”

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