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U.S. Confirms Diplomats In China Hit By Strange Illness

by Happynaija

US Confirms Diplomats In China Down With Strange Illness After Hearing Strnge Noises

As a result of the mysterious malady that resembles a brain injury

suffered by some of the United State officials and diplomats in

Guangzhou, China, the same condition that already affected U.S.

personnel in Cuba, The U.S. State Department has brought back

the affected officials.


spokeswoman Heather Nauert said in a statement on Wednesday,

confirmed that government employee had “suffered a medical

incident” in the southern Chinese city, the department deployed

a team to screen employees and family members at its

consulate there.


“As a result of the screening process so far, the department

has sent a number of individuals for further evaluation and a

comprehensive assessment of their symptoms and findings in

the United States,” Nauert said.


“Medical professionals will continue to conduct full evaluations

to determine the cause of the reported symptoms and whether

the findings are consistent with those noted in previously

affected government personnel or possibly completely

unrelated,” she said.


The State Department had evacuated at least

two Americans who fell ill after hearing

strange noises in China, New York Time reports.


Hua Chunying, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman,

on Thursday, said that as far as she was aware, the government

had not had any formal communication with U.S. officials

on any new cases, and that it had investigated an initial incident.


“At present, there’s been no discovery of clues or the reason

causing the situation the United States mentioned,”

Hua told a regular news briefing in Beijing, adding that

China protected diplomats according to international convention.


“If there’s really a problem then the U.S. side can directly

contact the Chinese side and communicate, and China will

continue to conscientiously investigate and coordinate

with a responsible attitude,” Hua said.


A U.S. government official there reiterated that there

had been only one confirmed case in China, announced

last month, and the State Department was offering

screening to anyone in the U.S. embassy or consulates

in China who requested it.


Last year, 24 U.S. government employees and family members

in Cuba displayed the symptoms, which were similar to those

related to concussion and mild traumatic brain injury,

according to the State Department.


Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State  in a statement on Tuesday

disclosed that the department established a task force last

month “to direct a multi-agency response to the unexplained

health incidents”.


The precise nature of the injuries suffered by the affected

personnel, and whether a common cause exists for all cases,

has not yet been established,” Pompeo said.

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