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Travelling From Nigeria To Cotonou (Benin Republic).

by Happynaija
Travelling From Nigeria To Cotonou (Benin Republic) - Happynaija.com

Travelling From Nigeria To Cotonou (Benin Republic).

The road map to Benin Republic guide for students, businessmen and visitors.

Travelling from Nigeria to Cotonou (Benin Republic).  The road map to Benin Republic.

Over the months, we here in Happynaija.com from our education and consultation department got lot of questions on directions to get to Benin republic. Such questions were as follows

  1. How do I find my way to Cotonou from Jos, Kaunda, Kano, Enugu, Benin, Port Harcourt e.t.c .
  2. How much is the transportation fare from stated locations to Benin republic.
  3. Others ask about the time duration from their locations to Cotonou, Benin republic.
  4. Which car or transportation root will i follow to travel to Cotonou, Benin Republic.
  5. I got admission to study in Benin Republic but i do not know how to find my way to the school.

I got these questions and realized the need for a clear road map and tips on things you should do as you embark on the journey to Cotonou, Benin republic.


Travelling From Nigeria To Cotonou (Benin Republic) - Happynaija.com

Travelling From Nigeria To Cotonou (Benin Republic) – Happynaija.com


From wherever location you tend to find yourself, be it the north, east, west or south, all you need to do is travel from your location to Lagos. Instruct the driver to drop you at mile 2.

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(From mile 2 to seme border) as soon as you arrive at mile 2, locate an array of cars and buses calling for passengers to seme by the right side of the road. If this task seem hard, you should get help. Charges from mile 2 to seme border by car is usually within the price range of 1000-1500 naira. Never forget to remain cautious while you ensure safety of your luggage throughout the journey.


crossing the border into Benin republic. On your arrival, note that your car or bus will stop at conoil fililng station or a park at the left hand side of the road at seme border. Once you alight from the vehicle, Get a bike usually charged at 500 – 1000 naira and cross into Benin republic.

The bike rider should drop you at the park where you will join a car heading to Cotonou. Note that your money should be changed from naira to CFA., at this point, you need to act smart.

You should ask for the exchange rate before the exchange takes place, you can call HappyNaija.com representative to help you with the current exchange rate.


After changing your naira to CFA, inform the new driver of your destination. I assume you should have the knowledge of where you are to alight from your instructor or receptionist in Cotonou e.g tokpa, tunde motors, pekadis e.t.c.

I advise that some one await your arrival at your destination. If you do not have a confidant and you are coming to school for the first time, you can contact HappyNaija.com which is certainly your best option since your safety is a priority with HAPPYNAIJA.

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Your transport fare from Lagos to Cotonou should not be above 4,000 naira. Ensure you watch your luggage as you travel along and make sure you have someone you can rely on before entering Cotonou, Benin Republic.

I hope this little piece helps you arrive at Cotonou without stress. If you find this helpful and useful please share and also if you were able to make here either through this guide or not please comment bellow about your experience.

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