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The list: Top comedians and MCs in the University of Nigeria Nsukka

by Happynaija

This is a compliation of the top comedians and MCs in the University of Nigeria Nsukka based on their achievements from 2017 to 2018.

1) Name: Madu Austin dele (Stinblaze_da comedian)

Dept. /level: Mass Communications Graduate

Reason for his Passion: Trust me no reasons oo God just bless me with the gift and I loved it more when I found out I can make people forget their worries for a given time

Major Events:

GT create campus tour

Airtel campus tour (Enugu institutions)

Mr. and Miss UNN 2016

Mr. and Miss UNN 2017

Mr. and Miss UNN2018

Many weddings, dept. and faculty nights.

2) Name: Innocent Chisom Valentine (Onachi)

Dept. /level: Theatre And Film Studies 300 level

Reason for his Passion: Well the reason for my passion I can’t say for sure as I have too many reason but making people laugh gives me joy that I know for sure

Major Events:

Danier Dance

Campus blast

Alex and Tobi campus invasion

Campus fashion awards and many more

3) Name: ChimeFrancis

Dept. /level: Mechanical Engineering Graduate

Reason for his Passion: The reason for my passion is to make an impact in lives through the works of my hands

Major Events:

Best event mc at the pop culture awards in 2018,

Hosted 4 one man stand-up comedy events,

One in 2016 themed cupid stories,

Hosted 2018 themed Running Away From Reality and many more.

4) Name: Ejituru John (Johnsproto)

Dept. /level: Electrical Engineering 300 Level

Reason for his Passion: Nigeria(World) is a place of hard work where people after undergoing the stress of their country from work or school find it difficult to smile not to talk of laugh. I took it to me that I must try and do my best to see that I put a smile on everyone’s face no matter what. I also love it whenI see my friends, family, neighbor happy it gives me Joy. Am a master of ceremony because a ceremony that can’t be remembered it’s not Worth it so I make sure your event is full of fun and a one to be remembered anytime any day. I love comedy comedy is me. Have a lot of reasons which I can’t state all here

Major Events:

Ekurole concert

Engine night

IROBOTE concert and many more

5) Name: Omeya Chinemerem (Omeya or Jenifer)

Dept. /level:Home Science, Nutrition and dietetics 400level

Reason for her Passion: I have passion for the entertainment world so am fitting in perfectly as a comedian

N.B The jenifa name came because I could actually talk like Funke Akindele (jenifa)

Major Events:

SUG night,

Freaky Friday,

Been to lots of shows…mostly school shows though* but it’s still a major thing for me.

6) Name: Eze Kingsley N (MC DEKING)

Dept. /level: Biochemistry 300level

Reason for his Passion: I love talking to a crowd, I love entertainment so much, I have d talent for comedy and organization and I find great joy doing what I love doing, which is making people happy, making an event lively and interesting as the anchor, no matter how small d audience could be.

Major Events:

Weddings/ Traditional marriages ceremonies, birthdays,

Events in school such as departmental and faculty nights, bonfires, other in-school occasions that required an MC etc…

7) Name: Urewuji Elijah Chisom (Accurate)

Dept. /level: Theatre and Film Studies

Reason for his Passion: I love comedy. It is in me and   I just love making people laugh. Also I want to use my talent to touch a lot lives. My brand going locally and internationally…that the passion

Major Events:


Theatre and film studies pool party,

One night with alfresco entertainment, and many more

Other notable MC’s include MC Bishop, MC Ogeadiro MC Spexs MC nowahala and many more.

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Chimereogo Nwoke September 11, 2018 - 6:37 am


Ibesosi Ngozika chinasa September 11, 2018 - 6:41 am

I laugh ,who nominated them kwanu?

thegodsmusthearthis September 11, 2018 - 7:16 am

😂 lol

Picolo September 11, 2018 - 7:27 am

Shebi you're the one who use to nominate people for Forbes?

Chikezie Onuchie September 15, 2018 - 3:24 pm

Where is MC mumu na


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