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Teni goes out with Wizkid! (See what happened)

by Micheal
Teni goes out with Wizkid! (See what happened)



Lol! You read the title! This is Teni dating Wizkid ..

She made this shocking revelation during a shoot with Flytime Promotions’ rapper The Journey. The two celebrities interviewed each other, asking each other personal questions about their journey to fame.

Teni is in any kind of relationship and she now has a lot of questions. The singer revealed that she was in love with someone he knew.

When he jokingly asked the singer who is his friend? A shy teni starts to laugh before finally opening.

In his words “Well, we’ve been going out together for a while and we have not really talked about opening in public”

She continued: “Well it’s me and Wiz (Wizkid), but he does not know we’re going out together”

Fake who could not believe his ears were laughing, then pressed harder “My friend gave me something concrete, I needed something serious”

Teni continued; It’s Wizkid! It’s Wizkid!

“We are both going out in real life, in dream – every possible aspect, it’s Wizkid”

During the conversation, Falz also revealed the status of his relationship and explained why he had not had a girlfriend for a very long time.

He said: “I have not had a girlfriend for a long time, I do not really think about marriage like that but I liked girls.”

So he’s been making music since 2009, but he’s never had his big break up in 2015. It’s at that time that he started making sketches. comic on social media. read here


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