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Tell Your Govt To Build Factories, Roads Not Paul Enenche – Muslim Man

by Happynaija

Tell your govt to build factories, roads, not Paul Enenche – Muslim man backs Dunamis over 100,000 capacity Glory Dome


I had deliberately refrained from commenting on the controversy trailing the construction of a 100,000 capacity auditorium by the Pastor Paul Enenche-led Dunamis International Gospel Centre.


Mind you, I am a Muslim and I don’t intend to change my religion, for any reason.

I have been following comments from various social critics, including mouth-licking Daddy Freeze.


I have known the frustrated young man for attacking men of God and I advise him

to take it easy because of those people he attacks are even old enough to be his father.


I was shocked seeing people attacking the man of God for not using the money to

build factories or roads for the people. Are you kidding me?

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It was that point I was forced to do a research about the church online and stumbled

on some powerful messages of the man of God about Nigeria.


In fact, he has been the only vocal person on the issue of killings in Nigeria championed

by this visionless government.


I also read on one online platform – that he has been to Agatu, Makurdi,

Abuja and several IDPs camp to donate relief materials to the victims.


I was shocked reading what one Prof. Dennis Ityavyar, Commissioner for Education,

Science and Technology in Benue said, according to him, what Dr. Enenche and the

church brought was more than the relief material the federal government donated.

I had to bury my head in shame.


I also saw pictures of Enenche and his wife wearing medical gowns attending to people

at IDP camp. This is what religion is all about.


Mind you, I am not defending him. I don’t even know them.


I read several other things he did online and I was impressed coupled with his

messages against killings in the nation.


Anyone lamenting over the building is either envious or from the marine world.

I read in his interview that the construction of the project provided jobs for more

than 5,000 people across religious lines.


The interesting thing he said about that building was that it was done by Nigerians

and no foreign aid and the same government was the one who told us that our youths are lazy.


I think we need to check some people’s brain if they are running on fura de nunu or gasoline.


So, a pastor should use his supposed tithe and offering money to build roads and schools

for you while your government is busy chasing shadow in the name of fighting kwaraption.


The funny thing is that those shouting crucify Enenche are not his members.


I saw the excitement in the eyes of the members while watching the dedication online

and people who are not even members are crying more than the bereaved?


Is this not a case of drinking panadol for another man’s headache?


Kindly tell your government to use your tax money to build road and not Enenche

who does not owe you a dime.

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Any right thinking person would not fault the project. I urge my Muslim brothers

and sisters to desist from attacking Enenche and his ministry. Live him to his God

if you feel he is wrong, not writing trash about him on social media.


No I see why some people will perpetually remain poor. They don’t have vision.

yarHamukom Allah.

Ababubak Mohammed, Kaduna

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