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How To Stay Connected In a Fast-Paced World – CloudCover

by Happynaija

The power of the internet in today’s world is definitely undeniable. It is through the internet that we learn, work, and communicate with others. In a world where we rely on the internet to do virtually almost everything, staying connected constantly is now more important than ever.


The need for constant connectivity is also in response to the growing number of people

who use the internet as their primary mode of connection and communication.

Messaging has become mainly internet led with more people using apps like

Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to communicate daily. 


Data shows that Nigeria witnessed a rapid growth in internet usage from 2013 to 2017.

It is only a matter of time before the entire country gains access to the

internet and goes from using feature phones to smart phones.


Mobile data technology has evolved over the years –you might recall how we transitioned from

a 2G (2nd generation) to a 4G LTE (4th generation long term evolution) connection.

Not only do we have faster internet connection these days,

it is now possible to stay connected to the internet in over 100 countries using one MI-FI device.

CloudCover is not your regular internet service provider.


They provide multi-network data services through their flagship 4G/LTE CC1 Mi-Fi device.

This unique Mi-Fi device is built on revolutionary virtual SIM technology that enables

the user to connect to the most reliable network available wherever they are.

Whether you’re on a business trip in London, Amsterdam, New York or Nairobi,

you can stay connected without having to switch SIMs,

pay for another device or incur data roaming chargers.


With the CC1 Mi-Fi from CloudCover, all you need to do is purchase a data bundle,

take it with you, and you have constant connectivity in over 100 countries.


Business travellers and frequent flyers don’t have to worry about staying connected as

they navigate their way through new cities. The hassle of following each country’s

regulation when it comes to getting a SIM card or paying large roaming bills will be

completely eliminated as CloudCover automatically connects you to

the best network within those countries.


Getting started on CloudCover seems easy enough and there are both local and

international data bundles that work for everyone.


Staying connected is now easier than ever thanks to this ground breaking technology.

To discover more about how you can use their Mi-Fi, head over to their website cloudcover.ng or follow them on social media instagram.com/cloudcovernigeria.

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