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“I’m Single And Don’t Have Time For Sex For Now” – Skales Says

by Happynaija

Nigerian singer, Raoul John Njeng-Njeng aka Skales has revealed in an chat with Show-time that he is currently focusing on his music and doesn’t have time for sex.

Skales also apologized for insulting an up and coming artiste simply identified as
Dontuffyplugg as he spoke further on intellectual theft experienced in the industry.
He said:-
I’m still single to stupor, just like Falz would say. Right now, no sex for me,
I’m just focusing on my music. In fact,
for now I’m working on my next album.
The funny thing is that last year, I practiced celibacy for about three months.
I won’t lie, was proud of myself.
Based my decision not to have sex with any woman but after three months
I couldn’t hold it anymore.
You know say body no be firewood now.

Speaking of him being rude to an upcoming artiste, Skales said:-

I wasn’t trying to be violent but yes, I overreacted, I admit. I’m a human being.
I want to tell my fans that I’m sorry I over reacted, I’m human at times.
I feel like I over reacted so it’s left to my team to deal with it because
that’s a copyright infringement matter.
As an artiste, it hurts when you put in a lot of work and you just wake up one
day to see somebody selling what you’ve worked hard for.
There should be agencies and platforms that protect intellectual property
and fight copyright infringement. I feel like they are really not taking it serious so
they need to start taking it serious.

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