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Road to nfh anniversary week with Temitope

by Happynaija
Thenextgenent.blogspot.com will be starting a special series titled “Road to NFH anniversary week”. In this series TNGE  will be interviewing some of NFH top models and staffs.
Today’s interview was with Temitope a model in NFH.
Donald TNGE: welcome to TNGE Exclusive interview, TNGE will like to meet you, your name, origin and field of study
 Temitope Nfh Model: I am Abari temitope who hail from Lagos State and studied Accounting Education in my degree program and studied Business Education in my NCE
Donald TNGE: What made you interested in modelling
Temitope Nfh Model: I got so much interest in fashion which led me to reason my way into modelling during my school days at school, I was always told I had great face for modelling and I should put in for it and then I had a great rethink of going into modelling .Also  the thrill of colour combinations in fashion took me to great attraction towards modelling
Donald TNGE: How did you hear of naija fashion home?
 Temitope Nfh Model: I heard about NFH through Praize who is a friend of mine and a model
Donald TNGE: How has your time with nfh been?
Temitope Nfh Model: It has been so great, through Nfh have learnt alot of things that I use currently to increase my intellectual skills in other areas of field I am involved in
Donald TNGE: What can you tell us about nfh anniversary week ?
Temitope Nfh Model: NFH anniversary week is going to be awesome with the great plans drafted out and which will be an eye opening for all models who will be coming and be participating  in the anniversary week
Donald TNGE: What will be your personal contributions to the event?
Temitope Nfh Model: I will be on ground to coordinate the models coming around, and put in place two or more activities  that will occur that very day
Donald TNGE: Finally what do you have to say to upcoming models who go into pageantry  struggling to balance school and modelling ?
 Temitope Nfh Model: They should stay focused,be on track and moving in the right direction on their career path as a model 
Also in as much they are schooling, they should give time to their studies during midnite thus it depend on individual  way of learning approach, during the day they should go on modeling trainings to help build themselves and most especially, surf through the internet to learn more and more,and they should keep learning everyday in as much they are still alive because the day we die that is the day we stop learning
Donald TNGE: Thanks

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