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Police CID, Interpol Deny Arrest of Social Media Millionaire

by Happynaija

RECENT REPORTS have revealed that popular Ghanaian social media personality,

Ibrahim Dauda, who was trending for the wrong reasons has not been arrested.


The 32-year-old who is very popular on various social media platforms because of his display

of flashy and expensive cars was reported by bloggers and social media commentators to

have been arrested for alleged money laundering.

According to reports, Mr Dauda popularly known as Ibrah-1

defrauded a friend to the tune of $400,000.


He is alleged to have received a bank transfer on behalf of one Heloo

and has refused to give the money to the owner.

In a video that has gone viral, Mr Dauda is seen with two other guys,

Heloo and another person, arguing at a place that

many people online are saying is a police station.


In the video, they are asking Mr Dauda to refund some money but

he is heard saying he gave the money to someone who is unable to account for it.


According to him, he has pleaded for more time to pay the money,

but if his creditor [Heloo] does not go easy on him, he is going to report him as

well as others who are engaged in a similar ‘businesses’ to the police.


Ibrahim Daouda

The kind of business he is referring to was, however, never disclosed.


Officials at the Police Criminal Investigations Department (CID),

the local chapter of International Police or Interpol and also the Dansoman police station,

where he was alleged to have been placed under arrest said

they have no idea who he is or what he has done.  

Ibrahim Daouda

Who is Ibrahim Dauda

There is not much about Ibrahim Dauda’s biodata on the internet,

but what is visible about him online is the display or flashy and expensive vehicles.

These pictures are mostly displayed on social media platforms on

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and YouTube.

Some of the vehicles include the convertible Mercedes Benz, Bentley, G-Wagon,

Range Rover, Ferrari and convertible Audi.


Mr Dauda is not shy to showcase his plethora of vehicles

although the source of his worth is not visible.


He made the news in December 2017 when he distributed iPhone 7 to

all passengers on a public transport he took in Accra on his birthday. 

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