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Nollywood Actor: It Feels Great Being an American Citizen – Yomi Gold

by Happynaija
Nollywood Actor: It Feels Great Being an American Citizen - Yomi Gold - Happynaija.com

Nollywood Actor – It feels very great to be an American citizen – Yomi Gold Alore Says after being granted US Citizenship.

Nollywood actor, Yomi Gold Alore was recently granted US citizenship.

He posted a viral video that suggested that he got his US citizenship approved

and the actor received lots of congratulatory messages from his fans.

In an interview with Punch Newspaper, My best moments as an actor would be right now as I have just received my US citizenship.

The love and congratulatory messages I have been receiving are overwhelming.

It feels very great to be an American citizen because I am now a citizen of the world.

Compared to Nigeria’s system, it is different because as an American citizen, I am privileged to enjoy basic amenities like adequate power supply and a better health care system.

I am not giving up on Nigeria though; I know it is going to take us time to get there and we will definitely get it right someday with right leaders.


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The actor went on to talk about how he lost a friend due to the negligence of Nigeria’s poorly-equipped hospitals. The friend underwent a surgery, developed some complications and died.

Gold said, When he got to the hospital, there was a particular drug he had to take to subdue the pain he was going through; but the hospital didn’t have it.

They went around looking for a pharmacy to get the drug, but by the time they returned from the drug hunt, my friend had died.

It really made me sad; anybody can be a victim of that kind of situation.


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The Nigerian government has a lot to do to improve on our health care system.

No matter how small a clinic is, some necessary drugs and equipment must be in place.

These issues bother me a lot because it could happen to anyone

People will always talk, they are obviously talking like that because of the way the system is.

Truth is everyone wants to live a very comfortable life.

Everybody will continue to run away from Nigeria because of the bad situation.

Not everyone has access to the right connections, big money and good jobs.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop; that is why in Nigeria, we always hear sad stories of crime.

In the US for example, the government has been able to reduce the rate of crime by providing good jobs and basic social amenities

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