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juliet ibraham warns her ex iceberg slim

by Micheal

Juliet Ibrahim has taken to web based life (social media ) to make an impression on her ex, Iceberg Slim – In a post which the entertainer shot the artist as she blamed him for hassling her and discussing her in his online networking posts – Ibrahim additionally uncovered she said a final farewell to her for being sharp and unfaithful

– The Ghanaian on-screen character finished the message by encouraging him to look for proficient assistance Ghanaian on-screen character, business visionary and creator, Juliet Ibrahim, as of late took to internet based life to address her ex, Iceberg Slim and she had a considerable amount to state to him.

The on-screen character who called things quit with Slim in 2018, straightforwardly tended to him as of late.

In a long Instagram post which she has since erased, the gifted screen goddess exhorted him to quit attempting to connect with her.

As indicated by Ibrahim, blocking him on every single social medium stages has done little in preventing him from contacting her by means of different methods.

juliet ibraham

It shows up what pushed the ivory excellence to send an open message was his supposed propensity for posting subconscious prompts through his online networking posts about her, and doing cover tunes ‘about cheating and exes’. Ibrahim who saved no words about how she felt towards him, prompted him to look for proficient assistance.

Your messages despite everything come through in my Junk mail and I have no clue why you would expect a reaction when I made it understood to you that I need nothing to do with you.

juliet ibraham

You are pardoned, if it’s not too much trouble let me be after this open declaration and proceed onward with your life simply like I have. Cease from harrassing my existence with your narcissistic requirement for approval.


Put an end to all the Emails arguing for my essence to talk about the past and do look for an expert specialist to assist you with conquering the injury you’re as of now encountering.


FYI, Singing spread melodies about cheating and exes isn’t a type of treatment. Goodluck in the entirety of your undertakings.


This is the last time I will reply to any of your posts about me or silly spread tunes coordinated at me on your web based life pages, shebi na cheat you cheat you no kill pesin? Can you currently soak up the adoration and leave the stage? This is all stale and I needn’t bother with nothing else of your cynicism and harmfulness in, nor around my life now.

I decide not to be companions with you for my own mental stability and individual reasons so kindly avoid reaching me. Much thanks to you.” See post above of juliet ibraham

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