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Islamic University in Uganda Suspends 23 Students For ‘Having Sex On Campus’

by Happynaija

The disciplinary committee at Islamic University in Uganda, Mbale campus, has suspended 23 students undertaking different courses on allegations of engaging in sexual relationships, contrary to the university regulations.

The university coordinator, Dr. Sulait Kabali, who also doubles as secretary

of the disciplinary committee, told Daily Monitor on Monday that the students

were found guilty of breach of university rules and regulations.

“The students were found guilty of coupling and having sex on campus,

which is contrary to the University rules and regulations,” Mr. Kabali said. 

He added that other students were also found guilty of theft of property,

consuming alcohol and other narcotic drugs, pregnancy and

staging acts of violence at the campus.

According to the letter dated April 14, 2018, which Daily Monitor has seen,

the students were reportedly found in the dark corners on

different occasions engaging in love affairs.

“During the cross-examining to which you were subjected to,

the above Disciplinary Sub-Committee and based on your oral and written submission

in which you stated that you were found in darkness engaging in love affairs,

you were found guilty of having committed the above-stated offence hence

having violated the above-cited rule,” reads part of the

letter addressed to the suspended students.

Mr. Kabali said the suspension, which will last for one year,

should act as a strong warning to other students, saying University administration will

not hesitate to expel any student who breaches the rules and

regulation governing the University.

The suspended students, who included finalists,

were about to sit for their examinations.

The affected students were given one week to appeal if they felt the suspension

was not just or fair and indeed Ms Rehema Katono, the public relations officer,

acknowledged that the University disciplinary committee will soon sit again to have a

final conclusion on the students, who have appealed against their dismissal.

The university is governed by sharia.

According to Ms. Katono, if a student is interested in the other for a sexual relationship,

they should apply to the Dawah committee for consent and be allowed to marry officially.

But even as a married couple, you’re not allowed to hug, kiss on the campus or sit

with someone of the opposite sex for more than 10 minutes

without the third party.

There is also no free mixing at the university between female and

male students during lectures and in the compound.

“We are not allowed to sit together with our male counterpart and chat for long.

They are always monitoring us,” one of the students, who preferred anonymity said.

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