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Interview with SHAGGYBLAQ.

by Happynaija
TNGE  blog set out on Thursday being the 18th of April 2019 to interview the popular University of Nigeria Nsukka  artist known as shaggyblaq based on his new hit single “SHIGEGE” which drops on Friday 19th April 2019 and this was what he had to say:

TNGE:So can we get to know your real name?
Shaggyblaq:My name is a udaya Peter Onyekachukwu
TNGE:How did you come about the name shaggyblaq?
Shaggyblaq:Shaggy came from my favorite cartoon SCOOBY-DOO while the blaq is an expression of me being a BlAQman
TNGE:Wow nice
TNGE:when did you start singing?
Shaggyblaq:Actually I never thought I would go into music, I always wanted to dance lol, so during my time doing diploma in unn that’s 2016 , used to freestyle with my friends , and they would be like shaggy omo go and record some , I didn’t till late mid 2017 on a collaboration with my friend kaseklozd
TNGE:Nice. Is it true the collaboration won a contest organized by dbanj record label?
Shaggyblaq:Yes very true , but CREAM PLATFORM , never lived to the agreement , it was devastating but we moved on
TNGE:If you didn’t go into music what would you be doing now?
Shaggyblaq:I would probably be dancing
Oh okay
TNGE:UNN poco lee😁
TNGE:what do you feel is your best song and why?
Shaggyblaq:Lol , all my songs are my best , I feel this way because each time I compose I put in my best to every content ..
The best is yet to come
TNGE:which artist would you love to do a collaboration with next?
Shaggyblaq:Keeping my option open , but would love a Lil kesh or olamide collaboration or even both lol
TNGE:so what is your new song shigege all about

Shigege is a dance hall , street vibe .. it’s a free spirited song which expresses my love for dancing and women also lol
TNGE:Lol women. We will get back to that
So shigege was produced
Sam hara. How did you guys meet?
Shaggyblaq:I got to know Sam hara from a friend belly , told me he produced , then we exchanged numbers next thing we are sampling demos ,
TNGE:how is your dating life going, anyone we should be looking out for as the new chioma in your life?

Shaggyblaq:No one at the moment, keeping my eye out
TNGE:Oh okay. Shaggyblaq is single and searching
which celebrity would you say inspires you and why?
Shaggyblaq:Olamide , his ability to give back and never forgetting his root
TNGE:what do u think your fans should be expecting from you in the years to come
Shaggyblaq:Consistency, that’s what they Should expect , I would keep on working on hard on my craft
TNGE:what message would you give your fans watching this interview right now
Shaggyblaq:Live your dream while u can no matter the cost , life is too short to doubt yourself , just believe and all would be well
That’s all.
TNGE:We wish good luck
Shaggyblaq: thanks for having me 

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