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I wouldn’t fret wedding all the ladies I’m enamored with – Don Jazzy

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I wouldn’t fret wedding all the ladies I’m enamored with – Don Jazzy


Don jazzy

Top Nigerian music maker and proprietor of Mavin Records, Don Jazzy, stays one of the most qualified single guys in Nigeria.

Just as of late, the maker chose to prod his adherents after he posted a photograph on his Instagram page and composed;

“I’m enamored with bounty ladies, I no brain wed every one of them.”

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.Early a year ago, the expert maker in a selective phone visit with Saturday Beats, noticed that however he isn’t in a rush to get hitched.

He stated, “I don’t raise issues about my relationship status deliberately. Individuals consistently talk about it.







“It is not difficult to find a wife; there are many beautiful women out there. It is not like I am ready; I am not the perfect version of what I would like to be to my wife and family.

“I want to work on myself until I am ready. By the time I am ready, if someone still wants to be with me, that would be great.

“It is not like I am looking for a wife and cannot find one. There are lots of nice and beautiful ladies out there. I don’t think I am there yet. I am not in a hurry.

“If time passes and nobody wants to marry me, then so be it but for now, I don’t feel I have worked on myself enough.

“I don’t want a scenario where I would get married and my music or business would take me away and the next thing would be that my wife would start complaining that I am hardly around. Then people would start saying he doesn’t care about his family. I don’t need that type of talk in my life.

“Let me be on my own, whenever I am ready, I am ready. I have a girlfriend; I have had different girlfriends in the last 10 years. I can’t just be single; I never said I was celibate. The relationship can break, she can leave me and go, and it is possible.

“My other ex-girlfriends left me, they didn’t break my heart, they just moved on, some of them are married now, if they were still waiting for me, they won’t be married by now.

“People have their personal agendas and it is understandable. For me, I am not in a hurry.

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