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Hot Riot in UNN

by Happynaija

There is an ongoing riot in the university of Nigeria nsukka. Tbe cause of the strike is allegedly because of no light in boys hostel.

This was written by a student before the strike
Great lions and lionesses! A warm greeting to you out there. Please help share this article as wide as you can, itt will be of great joy to me if the Vice Chancellor or any of the principal officers of this institution can see it.
I’m Demola, a final year student of this great institution. For the purpose of a clearer understanding of what I’m going to be talking about here, I think it’s pertinent for you to know that I am a blind student; and I’m writing on behalf of the blind and some affected students of UNN. 
   For over 3 weeks now, our academic pursuit in this school has been distorted owing to the disconnection of power supply in the 2 male hostels, ‘Alvan and Eni-Njoku hostel’. Although, there are 2 other hostels which are as well affected, but the male hostels, which are usually allotted to the blind students’ shall be the focus of my discourse here.
There was a report that some cables were stolen from the transformer supplying power to these hostels, another report affirmed that the disconnection was a deliberate act by the department of works because of the illegal connections found in the male hostels; but the point is; we the blind students are the ones suffering this blackout the most.
Our reading gargets are strictly electrical and rechargeable, and without this power, we can’t read or do assignments. We use laptops and recorders which wouldn’t function without light. Someone like me who is in final year has lots of works to do, my project, assignments and impromptu tests are things that get me so engaged with my laptop but sadly, I’ve been lagging behind seriously in all of the afore mentioned as a result of the blackout in the hostel. 
I know you may ask why we can’t find other places to charge our gargets, but do you think we find mobility easy like you guys do? We’ve got to depend on people before going round in search of where to charge. Someone may even say there is always generator power at night, from 7PM-10PM, but how can a 3-hour power supply in a 24-hour day be enough to do anything? Besides, there was a time when the ‘works guys’ came to the hostel to cut off all the electrical wires they perceived to be wrongly connected and since then, even when the generator is on, we the blind do not always have light in our rooms.
Late last year, I left the hostel and rented a lodge off campus so I could have some privacy and serenity to work on my project and other assignments given at my department, but when I discovered that the electricity supply at the lodge was intermittent, I ran back to the hostel all because the power supply there was constant. But where do I run to now? What will be the fate of we the blind students in UNN if this blackout should persist?
Please let someone help tell the school management, we the blind students are non-academic without power supply in our hostels…

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