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Expert Warns of Breast, Butt Surgery Dangers

by Happynaija
Expert Warns of Breast, Butt Surgery Dangers - Happynaija.com

Expert Warns of Breast, Butt Surgery Dangers.


Dr Biodun Ogungbo, a Neurological Surgeon with a private hospital in Abuja, has warned Nigerians to avoid unsafe plastic surgery to prevent risking their health.

Ogungbo gave the warning in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Thursday.

“Recently, there has been a rash of complications following plastic surgery in Abuja.

“Many patients going to have liposuction or indeed fat transfers to have a bigger butt

have ended up with massive infections and even a stroke in one case,” he said.

Ogungbo said cheap, unsafe operations further erode the confidence in local practice.

“It is very difficult to lose a bad reputation, even if it is unjustified. The bad news travel far and wide and it forces more Nigerians to consider medical tourism.

“Anyway, the disappointment dissipated very fast, as we got to grips with clients who appreciate

the worth of providing local solutions right here in the heart of the nation.

“Clients who are prepared to pay a fair price for solutions here in Nigeria.

Many know full well that the cost of surgery in Nigeria is a fraction of what it costs going abroad,” Ogungbo said.

He said one of the reasons why surgeries were expensive was the deployment of human and material resources to ensure the success of the operation.

“We need to be able to cover all bases and not cut corners, if we want to achieve a good outcome.

“This is an increasingly recurring decimal where clients want the best but will not pay for it,’’ Ogungbo said.

He, however, said there was need to continue to provide a safe environment for the patient,

saying that Nigerians should ensure they go to reputable surgeon who knows what is required.

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