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Exams suspended in Unilorin because of coke bottle

by Happynaija

This was written by a student In the department of Geography and Environmental Management Unilorin
         Yesterday, we had an exam for 3 – 6pm. We finished, submitted and on our way out, one of my colleagues took one of the PET Coke bottles the lecturers were drinking
. I had already left the department by the time time the lecturers found out. They were really angry and said we wouldn’t write today’s paper until we all bought a bottle of plastic Coke each. I was told last night and thought it was a joke but when we got to the department for the paper this afternoon….. The drama itself.

One of the lecturers that was there yesterday insisted that we all should go and buy the Coke before we would be allowed into the exam hall but the lecturer in charge of the course said we should get in the hall and write the exam but we should bring the Coke 8 am tomorrow. There were 83 of us in that hall yesterday and that would be 83 bottles of small solo Coke.
We all settled in and the answer script were distributed, soon after, we got the question papers and we all started the exam, about 10mins into the paper, the HOD came in and sent us all out to go and buy the Coke (don’t forget sir that we had all seen the exam questions already!) we all left LR 5(the exam hall we were using) and went downstairs to buy a bottle of Coke each after which we dropped it in front of the class and wrote down our matric numbers on a brown envelope. The lecturer in charge of the paper was visibly annoyed as he knew students would have taken advantage of the free time to discuss and check their notes.

 The HOD also doubles as the school’s ASUU chairman and the Dean of student affairs (who is also a lecturer in my department) came in and said we’ve all been reported at the SA and may face panel soon…… Over a missing bottle of plastic solo Coke sir.
It was quite funny and bizarre, I’m not sure if it’s news worthy.

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