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Ecole Professionalle Specialisee (EPS) LA-CITE University

by Happynaija
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Ecole Professionalle Specialisee (EPS) LA-CITE University.

The Ecole Professionalle Specialisee (EPS) LA-CITE Vie Nouvelle is established in 2006, after the establishment of the Primary school in 1989 and that of the Secondary school in 1990.

The opening of the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle is the answer to an ambition which intends to give an innovative answer to numerous crucial problems which the people face in general.

We think as well to the essential developments of academics through the ‘APEEC and its major consequences at short or long terms, at a letter equilibrium in terms of physical health, the educational and pedagogical take off, to the passivity as well as social dependence.

Lets’ think also to the cultural take off, to the potential human exodus to other countries and to the development of a competent entrepreneurship and of national and community leadership to higher statuses.

In short as the founder of EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle used to say “Entrust to us a child of 4 and we will make him a conscious undertaker at the age of 25”.

The satisfaction of that deep wish constitutes the conducting thread which incites us to permeate the entire programs of the philosophy of conscious entrepreneurship.

EPS LA-CITE University

Our higher learning institution EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle provides an initial and continuous training through the industrial and tertiary sectors.

The EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle drives its strength from the Synergy between the structural components more importantly from the driving force which is represented by APEEC (Pedagogical and Educational Approach to Conscious Entrepreneurship)” EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle” attaches great importance to the quality of research in playing systematically the roles of initiator of achiever and manager of projects to learners on one hand and by learning from the multiple knowledge and experiences from the members of his community on the other hand.

“EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle attached to the development of relations cooperative with the international scientific community for:

  • Transfer of technology
  • Dissemination of culture
  • The exchange of technical and scientific information

The CEO of the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle, Mr. Raoufou ADEDJOUMAN, Computer Engineer, knew early on integrating computer tools for the development of the academic program at all levels of teaching, entrepreneurial activities and for the development of our “country”.

He represents the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle to others of Directors, analyze and adopt the general strategy defined by the Board.

The Scientific Council of the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle is chaired by Mr. Rene-PINҪON George, Rector of the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle, Professor of Contemporary History, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Letters, Arts and Sciences Humanities (FLASH) at the University of Abomey-Calavi  and former Technical Advisor for Higher Education and Scientific Research Minister of National Education.


Based on the analyzes made on the state of development of our country and especially the labor market, the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle has a comprehensive program consists of a collection of all learning scenarios built.

The overall programming is closely related to the main needs and challenges of the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle on the academic, educational and community plans.

In addition to being a valuable reference database, is the portfolio of teaching and educational program in conscious entrepreneurship of the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle.

Its analysis allows continuous improvement of academic learning and appreciation of the output profile.

And the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle seizes the opportunity of its assets to form the center of entrepreneurial culture and technology conscious of the African continent that Benin could improve its image of “Latin Quarter” of Africa.


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The mission of the EPS-LA CITE Vie Nouvelle is gradually giving learners a weapon that will allow them to enter working life with the certainty of success.

Ideally, after their studies, with their learning experiences, the learners should have developed skills of observation, listening, imagination and confidence that will enable them to undertake conscious projects.

Then becoming “smart”, They will capture the opportunities that arise in their environment.

They will have to initiate projects on their own without their being pushed by others, he will know how to solve even complex challenges by imagining an innovative response against a perceived need. Once this need is validated, it will have the tools to take action independently and conscious.

Thus, the training of engineers in industrial clusters, commercial and technology is no longer imaginary or theoretical, but it becomes pragmatic at the limit and becomes a veritable passion.



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Award Course Name Duration
B.Sc International Relations 3 YEARS
B.Sc Computer Science 3 YEARS
B.Sc Business Administration 3 YEARS
B.Sc Accounting 3 YEARS
B.Sc Agricultural Science 3 YEARS
B.Sc Microbiology 3 YEARS
B.Sc Public Health 3 YEARS
B.Sc Mass Communication 3 YEARS
B.Sc Economics 3 YEARS

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