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I Deserve Praise, Not Condemnation, For Spending N24 Billion On EFCC’s Office — Magu

by Happynaija

The acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, has defended the agency’s N24 billion new office, brushing aside criticisms about the huge cost, and claiming it is a modest amount for a building that should cost N100 billion.


A visibly angry Mr. Magu on Wednesday took strong exception to the scrutiny

that followed the EFCC’s completion of the new headquarters in Abuja.


The 10-floor building is about 95 percent completed as at May 9 and is

expected to serve as the operating base for the anti-graft body.


Politicians have hailed the completion,

but anti-corruption campaigners and other citizens are instead

keeping their eyes on the cost, especially coming at a time that the agency

itself is complaining of poor funding that hampers its basic operations.


“You are not being fair,”

Mr. Magu said when asked by PREMIUM TIMES to respond to the

controversies around the N24 billion price Wednesday.

“If you go and bring any valuer, they will value it for not less than N100 billion.”


Mr. Magu took a select group of journalists on a tour of the building Wednesday afternoon,

during which he took questions which were restricted to the new building.

The anti-graft chief refused to take questions about his own

activities or those of the EFCC in recent months. 


The tour is part of ongoing efforts to raise public awareness to the building

before formal opening by President Muhammadu Buhari on May 15.


He explained the cumbersome and expensive procurement process

that culminated in the successful execution of the new head office,

located at about 12 kilometers southwest of Abuja’s Central Business District. 


“That shows prudence, that shows transparency,” Mr. Magu said.

Suspicions have escalated within the past two weeks when

Mr. Magu began gloating about the building, which was built

by the construction firm, Julius Berger.


The acting EFCC chairman told The Nation last month he was

“excited that the headquarters is ready for use”

and placed it at an offhand price of N24 billion. 


“I will crosscheck to give you the exact figure,” he added.

The skepticism that ensued following the revelation last month gained

traction online Tuesday after the Senate President, Bukola Saraki,

led other lawmakers on a tour of the facility.


Mr. Saraki praised Mr. Magu and his last two predecessors for putting in

their best to complete the building for the agency, which was established in 2003.

New EFCC Complex Abuja.

The agency has been renting offices and official quarters for most of its

staff at its branches across the country, including in Abuja where

hundreds are currently putting up in a rented apartment.


On November 24, 2010, Yayale Ahmed, then Secretary to the Government of the

Federation, proposed the new building to the Federal Executive Council

and later got an initial release of N18 billion for it. 

A few weeks later, Sahara Reporters published concerns about how

Julius Berger won a ‘no objection’ procurement certificate to build the office,

alongside a slew of other allegedly questionable contracts award

by President Goodluck Jonathan’s cabinet at the time.


The new office includes a mid-size parking facility, three detached buildings,

including a clinic, a generator house,

and a 33KV step-down transformer station.


Martin Obono, an Abuja-based anti-corruption campaigner,

said the EFCC has no justification for spending N24 billion on a single office at

the expense of not only the taxpayers but also some of its staff.


“It is not feasible that N24 billion would have been spent on that building,”

Mr. Obono said.

“It is too expensive for a so-called anti-corruption agency.”


Mr. Obono  said the EFCC could build a befitting office for its operations in

each of the 36 states at the price of N24 billion,

especially since hundreds of staff members operating away from the

head office in Abuja would still be putting up with offices that are not conducive.


“Over the past few months, we have heard the EFCC raise alarm about

how poor funding is hindering its operations,” Mr. Obono said. “

So why should the same agency spend such a humongous amount on an office

complex that would only occupy a few people.”


Several departments and directorates are expected to be moved to the new office,

but several others will not have accommodation.


Mr. Magu confirmed this and said the EFCC would still keep its current head office

along Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent in Wuse II as an annex.

Furthermore, some Abuja-based staff members who are currently working out
of leased buildings and living in rented quarters would continue to do so for
the near future because the new building cannot accommodate everyone.


“Clearly, this building cannot return the N24 billion value Nigerians paid for it,”

Mr. Obono said. “We cannot use corruption to fight corruption.”


He demanded that the EFCC publish its books in relations to

the building, especially procurement dossiers.


“Mr. Magu must publish the full details of how the money was spent and

not think Nigerians are foolish or that they are not paying attention

to the suspicious activities going on in an agency that should be

curbing financial crimes,” the activist added.

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