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DAIRY OF UNN FUCK BOY: The mystery girl

by Happynaija

   Chukwuma woke up late the next day with the memories of the previous night still a bit unclear to him, the last thing he could recollect was staring directly at the angry face of his father and the mother who was still looking around confused and unsure of what was happening. He then stood up from his bed and realized he had a dull black eyes, at first he obviously thought it might have been from the hangover before it got dawn on him that  he must have been hit by something or someone then suddenly all his memories rushed back…

“Chukwuma what is the meaning of this in my house, your even drunk and kissing a girl” said Mr Ugwu whom was being held back by his wife to stop him from doing anything rash at that point. ”Will you let go of me woman, you spoilt this boy yourself always saying you won’t let me hit your only child now see what he has turned into” shouted Mr Ugwu. “Honey it’s not like Chukwuma to do this I think we should try and find out what happened first before jumping into conclusion” replied Mrs Ugwu still trying to calm her already agitated husband
“Oh so there must be a very special something that would make your son get drunk and be kissing a girl, so he is now a dog that goes on heat” said Mr Ugwu to his wife before facing his son and saying, “well young man it’s either that or I see no other reason why you felt like knowing how soft a woman’s lips are”. Chukwuma looked around first to see if anyone would come to his aid but the room was as empty as a vacuum and if it was not because of the mess in the house you won’t have believed a party was even held there, surprisingly to him even his friend, Christian was nowhere to be found it was as if he even left before his parents came in. Chukwuma then started to explain himself “Dad its not what…….” As he stepped forward while trying to explain, he tripped and the remainder of the alcohol which he was holding spilled on his dad before even his mom could stop his father he received a very hot slap which he was sure knocked him out.

Chukwuma was already prepared to finally travel to Nsukka the next day although his dad insisted on dropping him off rather than allowing him to use public transport, a decision which he didn’t try objecting to since he was trying to be of good behavior and regain his parent’s trust. He went into his room already thinking to himself that this would be his final night there till he gets back, when his phone rang cutting his thoughts short. He picked it up and saw it was Christian calling; “Hello school boy, so you’re still alive, and I have written a nice speech for your burial oh” said Christian sounding delighted.
“Well Chris am alive, where did you go? Thought you were supposed to have your niggas back, guy that wasn’t cool” replied Chukwuma
“AHH, school boy I swear when I finally saw your dad that was when I realised why you were a willing prisoner, if my popsman was half that size I would have been of good behavior”
“Well I guess the did is done, I would be travelling tomorrow my dad is dropping me off, when would you be travelling?” asked Chukwuma
“Anytime from next week, have some babes to dial up, so have called your bae and which line did u even use that made her kiss you?” replied Christian
 “Nothing bro, we just talked, she congratulated me on my admission and I did the same……” 
“Wait I don’t get, you congratulated her on what?” asked Christian sounding confused. “Her admission to UNIZIK of course” replied Chukwuma
“Hmmm ok, just that it wasn’t what I heard but don’t worry, so we would see in school then.” “Goodbye school boy, later then” said Christian as he hung up the phone leaving Chukwuma who slept off almost immediately.
   The journey felt like forever for Alice who kept on replaying her parent’s advice to her before leaving for school, although she felt like they were being too over protective for an eighteen year old who was going to the university and not a club house. Alice Nwafor is the third daughter of Mr and Mrs Nwafor whom are natives of Anambra. Alice who was brought up in Anambra state had gotten admission into the University of Nigeria to study Mass communication after her second trial.
  “Excuse me student we have reached faculty of education, are you not coming down again?” asked the shuttle driver cutting Alice thoughts short, “Yes am highlighting here sir, thank you” replied Alice as she paid the shuttle driver and took out all her belongings. It was already dark and Alice knew the porter won’t let her into the hostel at that time of the night so she had no other option than to sleep at her friends place at Odenigwe till the next day. As she started her journey to her friends place who only left her with a description of how to get there and her phone was already dead.
“Isn’t that too heavy for you? Asked a strange voice from behind Alice, she turned back to see a dark, tall, good-looking guy. “Sorry if I startled you, just saw you dragging your luggages all the way and felt like I should at least offer my help” said the stranger. “Well thanks but I don’t think we are going the same way moreover I don’t know you” replied Alice
“I don’t mean any harm am also a student here, I guess you must be a 1st year student too, second list right?”
“Yes that’s right”
“Then I guess I should know the way around here better than you and as you can see its already dark and am sure you won’t want to stay out any later than this”
“Well am off to Odenigwe, Original lodge to be precise, the girls hostel is already locked so I would have to spend the night at my friends place” said Alice sounding more in a hurry. “Luckily for you I do know the place, so guess I would escort you there before heading back to the hostel” said the stranger.
“Don’t they lock the boys’ hostel?” asked Alice, “No they don’t” said the stranger as he helped her with her luggages down to Original lodge
“Thanks a lot, didn’t get your name though” asked Alice as she collected her belongings, “Am Fred by the way and you are?”
“Am Alice, Alice Nwafor, how can I repay you for your kindness?”
“How about we exchange numbers and you treat me to a dinner, well that’s if you don’t mind”
“Ok I guess I could invite you over once am settled in and that is if my friend doesn’t mind” said Alice. They  exchanged numbers and bid themselves goodbye.

    “Hey KC that first year girl I told you about just invited me over for dinner” shouted Fred happily, “And I need escort, so you’re coming with me”
“You know am not really into this girls stuff like you” said Chukwuma. Chukwuma and Fred had become close friends ever since Chukwuma got into UNN, Fred had helped him adapt to both hostel and school life easily. Fred was a second year Geology student who was known for being kind and playful but was a chronic womanizer.
“See KC your coming with me whether you like it or not, she has a fine JUPEB roommate at least make we confirm say u no be gay” said Fred
“Guy am not really in the mood” replied Chukwuma
“You dey ever dey mood, is not you that only book turns you on, abeg just carry cover with you because things will happen”
“What cover are you talking about?” a
sked Chukwuma sounding confused
“Oh it’s a type of sweater, JJC” replied Fred which made everyone one in the room start laugh. After much persuasion Chukwuma agreed to tag along.

  At the canteen, SUB, Alice on the other hand was busy describing the awesome good looking guy she met to her friend; “Am telling you he is very handsome” said Alice sounding happy “I never thought I would meet a guy as nice as that in UNN” continued Alice. “All this Geology and engine boys, heard they can womanize like its their birth right, one approached me and said his name was Clef from Mechanical Engineering department and that I look good and if I didn’t mind we should hangout; so I bought the idea because the guy could sweet talk and then agreed to meet him at 11:45(a restaurant) the following day” said Alice friend
“So what happened?” asked Alice easing into the gossip
“Well I left with that my friend Trish who couldn’t stop talking about how her guy was the best boyfriend ever, I haven’t even seen the guy though and I didn’t tell the Clef guy that my friend was tagging along I just didn’t feel safe going alone”
“So when we got there we didn’t meet him at first so I decided to call him, immediately this guy entered girl guess what?”
“What?” asked Alice eager to hear more
“That was Trish’s so called boyfriend, bae I swear you should have seen argument, Trish was like what is it that she has and I don’t, is it her breast or butt or is she too fine and my guy was like no bae its not what it seems i…..before he even completed the statement omo see hot slap, me just dey dere dey watch HD movie” said Alice friend laughing uncontrollably
“Well you can’t just judge them all because of one person” said Alice
“Except if they can all change in less than a week, well let’s see your Fred guy first then” said Alice friend finally as they left the SUB canteen.       

     “KC what is taking you so long guy, na my bae we dey go see this one your wearing your Christmas cloths” said Fred as they got ready to visit Alice.
“Guy am done, still don’t understand why your hell bent on dragging me along” replied Chukwuma
“Well let’s say you would thank me after later when we are done and better play your cards well and when you need  rubber, holla me” said Fred as they left the hostel heading to Alice place leaving Chukwuma who still didn’t know what rubber was but was scared to ask so as not to be laughed at.
When they finally got to Alice place at Odenigwe, she welcomed them in and offered them some refreshments and when Fred asked about her roommate she told them she went to get her laptop from a friend and was on her way back.
After some minutes of chatting and joking around between the boys and Alice the door opened and her roommate stepped in, she greeted Fred first but then she turned to Chukwuma who shouted Thelma, do you know her Alice asked as Thelma dropped everything she was holding along side her laptop on the ground in shock……..

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