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An Interview with chimefrancis

by Happynaija
An interview with one of the best comedians in the history of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Tngeblog.com interview with chimefrancis

Donald: Welcome to the interview with tngeblog.com
 Donald: Can we know who chimefrances is
 Chimefrancis: Thanks
Chimefrancis: I am a standup comedian, Actor, Director, online publicist, a graduate of Mechanical Engineering.
Donald: Nice
Donald: How does a mechanical engineer become a comedian?
 Donald: What made you take that part
Chimefrancis: There isn’t a way in particular, before i read mechanical engineering i was already in the path of entertainment.
They both use the same priniciples anyway which made it possible to survive.
 Donald: The same principles, how?
 Chimefrancis: A good engineer is supposed to be creative, a good engineer is suppose to be observant, a good engineer is supposed to be a researcher and this are the tenets of being a good entertainer
Donald: Wow, never knew the similarities.
Chimefrancis: They all overlay each other. Arts and sciences
Donald: Would you say you had a good career in unn as a comedian
Chimefrances: Yes. I was able to collect my school fees back through comedy
Donald: Did you receive any  accolades while in school?
Chimefrancis: Yes. The ones i cherished most were best actor minor role federation theater for 3 years, most creative member for 2 years
Best event mc at the PCA 2018
 Donald: Okay
 Donald: Is it safe to say federation theater played a major part in your career
Chimefrancis: Yes
Donald: At what level did you join
Chimefrances: Federation theater would always be a part of my story as an actor. Though i started acting at tender field nur and primary school afromedia lagos, join federation theater in my first year and was a member till i graduated. As a comedian i owe that to certain individuals though some where members too
 Donald: Great
 Donald: Would you recommend young comedian in the university to join
 Chimefrancis: To do well in the entertainment business especially over there in unn, you need to belong to groups. Federation theater is good and it isn’t for the weak
Donald: Okay
 Donald: How did you balance between your entertainment career and academics
 Chimefrancis: Time management and discipline
 Chimefrancis: There is always a time for everything
 Donald: Okay
 Donald: What was your biggest challenge as a comedian on campus
Chimefrancis: To get people to respect my art and finance
 Donald: Okay
 Donald: Other than being referred to as a comedian, Which would you like to be referred to as publicist actor or film maker
Chimefrancis: A film maker once i get my certifications done
  Donald: Why film maker
 Chimefrancis: It envelopes every dream i aim to see come true
Donald: Okay, What do you regard as your biggest achievement so far
Chimefrancis: Hosting my own standup comedy shows and exposing new talents through it
 Donald: Nice
 Donald: What is your biggest dream in the entertainment industry
 Chimefrancis: To host the Oscars
Chimefrancis: Impact in the lives of the boy-child
Donald: Boy-child that’s the first time I’m hearing it that way
 Chimefrancis: Just like the girl-child
 Donald: But why emphasis on the boy-child,Why not just children in general
 Chimefrancis: They need the attention too,there is so much neglect to the grooming of boys. It is endangering us
Donald: Okay nice
 Chimefrancis: Yeah
 Donald: Finally what would you advice a student in the university interested in entertainment
 Chimefrancis: Stay true to your art
Always invest in your art than keeping up to high fashion you can’t really afford
Avoid yahoo yahoo or illegal means of making money
Worship your God
Collaborate with people of like minds
Be humble
Work work work
Chimefrancis: Many projects are coming up courtesy of my entertainment team
Chimefrancislive5 in out of hand unec 2019
 Donald: Wonderful
Chimefrancis:Thanks for having me

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