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Roman Abramovich Becomes Israel’s Wealthiest Citizen

by Happynaija
Roman Abramovich Becomes Israel’s Wealthiest Citizen- Happynaija.com

Billionaire Roman Abramovich of Russia became Israel’s wealthiest citizen on Monday, JNS.org reports.


A Jew entitled to Israeli citizenship by law,

Abramovich is now a permanent Israeli resident.

The owner of Chelsea, he had been living in London for years,

but was informed that his UK visa would not be renewed.


The UK has attempted to push out Russian oligarchs in recent

months following the poisonings of Russian spy Sergei Skripal

and his daughter in Salisbury in March.

Abramovich also reportedly holds close ties with

Russian President Vladimir Putin.


More than 30 powerful Russian Jewish businesspeople have opted

to obtain Israeli citizenship in recent years.

Not only is Israel the Jewish homeland, it provides a

safe backup residence, as well as rights afforded to

Israeli-passport holders, including tax benefits,

some protection against extradition and the convenience

of visa-free travel across the European Union.


However, Abramovich’s representative said his strong

identification as a Jew and his warm feelings towards

Israel motivated him to make aliyah.


His ex-wife Dasha Zhukova is Jewish,

and is the mother of two of his seven children.

Abramovich is also the chairman of the Federation

of Jewish Communities of Russia,

a trustee of the Moscow Jewish Museum

and a backer of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in Russia.


Abramovich has invested in more than a dozen

Israel startups and venture funds since 2015,

acquiring equity through two of his investment firms

Ervington Investments and Millhouse Capital.


Earlier this week, Tel Aviv University announced that

Abramovich donated $30m  to build a new Center for

Nanoscience and Nanotechnology.


In March, he donated $20 million

to go to a new nuclear medical facility at

Israel’s largest hospital Sheba Medical Center.


Abramovich is the 10th wealthiest person in Russia,
worth an estimated $10.8bn.


But he didn’t start out that way.

Born in Lithuania,

he was orphaned by age four

and raised by his grandparents in the Russian Arctic Circle.

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