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A Nigerian pastor sentenced to die by hanging for …

by Micheal

The Ondo state high court has condemned one Pastor Kolawole Samson to death by hanging for murdering a kid at a town close Okeigbo zone of the state.


The court sitting in Akure directed by Justice Ademola Bola saw the minister as liable of exacting injury on the expired’s head with a cutlass at a fish lake claimed by the convict on March 2016, The Nation reports.

late Olaniyi was said to have gone to chase for frogs nearby three others at a fish lake claimed by Pastor Kolawole when the episode happened.

The perished later kicked the bucket to at an emergency clinic where he was conceded.

In spite of the fact that the minister argued not liable to the offense, the court decided that the proof introduced during the preliminary demonstrated that he was liable of the slaughtering.

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