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2019: Afenifere Reveals The Mistake Tinubu Regrets Making

by Happynaija
2019: Afenifere Reveals The Mistake Tinubu Regrets Makinga - Happynaija.com

An Afenifere chieftain, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has stated that the Yoruba Nation will not be deceived by APC chieftain, Bola Tinubu, to vote for President Muhammadu Buhari in next year’s presidential election.

Adebanjo revealed in an interview that he has thrown his full support behind Atiku Abubakar,

the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party.

Do you think we are stupid people in the South-West? Yoruba people are more intelligent than all that.

Tinubu succeeded in 2015 because of the fake integrity attached to Buhari.

He succeeded in bringing Buhari because of the fake integrity attached to him but the last three years has exposed him to be fake.

People have seen him to be fake. He is not somebody anyone can rely upon and I have no doubt in my mind that Tinubu would have seen the stupidity of aligning with him.

By now, Tinubu must have realised the foolish mistake he made by aligning with him but he will not come out to admit it.


According to him, Tinubu has realized his mistake of 2015 when he sold Buhari as a man of integrity.


Yoruba people are too intelligent to be used again. Once bitten, twice shy. Tinubu has sold the Yoruba by aligning with Buhari, even at this stage.

He agreed with Buhari to do restructuring, to do federalism.

When the man now got there and he is not doing it, has Tinubu got the courage to pull out?

And I have said it to him and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

They are unfair to the Yoruba because everybody is thinking that because they represent the Yoruba, all the things against the race, they would address them. But they are quiet on them all.

There are killings right and left, but they are quiet. They are quiet on the issue of revenue allocation. Even the case of local government under this restructuring,

Tinubu took Obasanjo to court, it is part of restructuring programme and the man who handled the case in court was Osinbajo.

They won the case at the Supreme Court. Under what principle did they take the then President Obasanjo to court? They sold out and the same Osinbajo, who took Obasanjo to court for not following the federal system, is now saying he does not understand what the federal system means.

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