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Over 200 Police Officers Fired in Rwanda

by Happynaija
Over 200 Police Officers Fired in Rwanda - Happynaija.com

230 Non-commissioned Officers and Low- ranking police officers from Rwanda National Police were dismissed for gross misconduct.

Police Spokesperson, Commissioner of Police Theos Badege, said that the decision had been pending

cabinet approval for quite a period of time.

These were not dismissed at ago. Some cases had been waiting for a ministerial order for over a year. Badege said.

According to Badege, some were dismissed after being found guilty of breaching internal code of conduct

and serving more than four months suspension while others committed criminal offenses that resulted i

nto prison sentences that span to more than 6 months.

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“Once one serves a suspension of over 4 months, or commits crime and the judicial court sentences them

beyond 6 months they are not recalled into the police. Most of them have not been serving, awaiting their

dismissal,” Badege explained.

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He added that, This means zero tolerance to any misconduct and it reflects a tough stance on any forms of indiscipline.

The cabinet meeting also approved the Ministerial Order discharging nine Non-Commissioned police

Officers for health reasons, while 97 Non-Commissioned Officers were retired from the force

and 13 officers laid-off. 

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