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12 Life Hacks Every Student Should Know

by Happynaija

Studying seems to be dreadful to you? It is dreadful indeed unless you know some of the life hacks that will make your education easier. They will help you increase your productivity, organize studying process, save money,  and get better grades. So here they are, 12 life hacks every student should know!

1Don’t be shy to ask for help

If you are not confident that you have done everything right regarding your essay or home assignment, ask your lecturer for help. Many students are too shy (or just too passive) and they prefer to solve their problems on their own. However, in most cases, the assistance of the lecturer will help you to find a right direction. Moreover, the lecturer will gladly help you, as everyone likes active students who want to know more and deliver better results.

2Check the Internet for essay topics

If you have no idea what topic to choose for writing, browse them online! You will find a huge selection of persuasive essay topics and everything that will be left to do is to choose the one you like the most.

3. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Never blame yourself for making mistakes. Every mistake means that you keep learning something new. There is a saying, he who makes no mistakes, does nothing. That’s true, so allow yourself to make mistakes, but do remember to analyze them and to learn from them.

4. Create a schedule for all activities

If you feel that you have no time for everything that you want to do, create a schedule. Studies prove that those who follow the schedule tend to do more than those who don’t.

5. Attend online courses

Expand your academic background by attending free courses and seminars! There are many offers and you will definitely find something compelling for yourself. Moreover, online courses will help you to get to know some new approaches, reveal some unexpected facts, and explain how to implement theoretical information in real life.

6. Eat healthy food

Your nutrition is imperative for your physical and mental health. If you do not consume enough nutritious elements and vitamins, your academic performance may get worse and worse. Try to avoid junk food, eat more vegetables and fruits, and do remember about meat and fish. Also, consider some nutritional supplements that can help to support a sustainable level of vitamins in your body.
If won’t take too much time or money to follow these life hacks, but they will definitely change the way you live and study. You may use all of them or introduce only a couple that you like the most, and you will notice the difference. That’s really what you need to make your educational life and academic results better.

7. Record lectures

You have probably noticed that the lectures are so full of information that you can hardly catch and write down every single point. Moreover, when the lecture is over, you feel that you need to listen to it one more time. If you record lectures with your iPhone, the problem will be solved.
Ready to move further? Use special voice recorder. Forbes offers some more ideas on what accessories students should have, so don’t miss a chance to check them!

8. Buy stationery and books online

Students never have enough money. If you want to save some bucks, start to order books and stationery online. You will find a huge number of websites that sell goods for affordable prices and you won’t spend a fortune on everything you need.

9. Repeat and revise materials

Exams are tough, but if you keep revising information all the time, you will have no need to learn everything again the day before the exam starts.

10. Turn off your phone

How many times do you check Facebook messenger when writing an essay? We bet that you do it every 5 minutes, even if no one writes to you. If you cannot control that, you should just turn off your phone. In this way, there will be no temptation to check the phone again and again, and you will be able to focus on your tasks.

11. Use color pens for taking notes

The way you organize your notes really affects the way you capture and remember information. Use color pens if you want to add some impact to what you are writing. Create a system that will allow you to easily check information and pay attention to the necessary details. For example, you may use red ink for dates and green ink for definitions.

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